* Access your register from
anywhere in the world
* Add, delete players online
* No form filling
* No postal difficulties 


The minimal operational overheads of the Online Registry mean that it is provided to bands completely free of charge


Our industry standard SQL based online database ensures privacy, robustness, and accurate validation and verification.


Self help video - Making changes

Self help video  - Intro


All players must be registered in the British Open Registry to the band with whom they are competing.
Bands will be requested to report to registration prior to taking the stage.
Each player is required to report to the registration desk and state their name.
The registration official will then verify the registration details with the computerised British Open Registry.
Players are not required to carry ID.
Registration forms are not required.
The British Open Rules contain all registration requirements as detailed below.
9. Registration.
Your band is automatically registered when an invitation to the British Open series is accepted. We will provide your private online registry access details upon your acceptance of the invitation.
9a. All competing players must be registered with your band in the British Open Online Registry. Full name, date of birth and a recent photograph must be included in the register.
9b. Players having competed in the British Open with band (a) and subsequently competed with band (b) at the following Spring Festival will be prohibited from competing with band (a) at the following British Open.